Marine Life Park SEA Aquarium

Summary Review

The expansive glass of the Open Ocean

The Marine Life Park is the second major attraction to be opened at the Resorts World Sentosa complex. Upon entering the SEA Aquarium, local visitors would immediately draw comparison with the other competing aquarium, Underwater World, as one steps on a travellator that brings you through the fishes of Straits of Karimata and Java Sea. While the SEA Aquarium disappoints in having a short-lived travellator experience, it makes it up in terms of the number of exhibits (featuring more than 800 species of fishes!) and allowing visitors to rest on beanbags while admiring its world’s largest viewing panel at the Open Ocean exhibit. Nevertheless,to give you an idea of how large the park is, this writer took 3 hours to view the entire aquarium.

What disappointed was the lack of accurate theming that clearly differentiate exhibits. This is highly unfortunate as even though attempts were made to break the aquarium into several themes, a typical visitor would not be able to understand the differences without a help of a guide. What would be helpful would be either differentiated lightings to simulate the different areas, or clear signages to inform the public as such. Much ink has also been spilled over the ugliness of the ocean suite windows at the Open Ocean exhibit, and this writer shares similar thoughts, though it is unlikely that anything can be done about the windows.

Overall, it was indeed and educational trip to learn more about marine lives, and I would highly recommend this attraction, even though a local may have already visited Underwater World.


Adult: $29

Senior Citizen: $20

Child: $20

Student: $20

Lots of beautiful fishes


Manta Ray


Starfish resting…also available at the touch pool