Universal Studios Singapore – Hollywood Dream Parade Review

Universal Studios Singapore introduced the Hollywood Dream Parade since Dec 31 2011, and can be seen in the park on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. One year on, while the various segments of the parade continue to entertain park guests, nothing has changed much to its line-up or format. This is highly unfortunate as the park may risks presenting a stale parade that lacks any appeal to returning guests.

While this lacks the grand scale that Disney parades present, Hollywood Dream Parade makes the best situation out of the small size of the park, and guests can expect to be thoroughly entertained at any of the zones from Waterworld to New York. I recommend that the best photo shoot standing point would be in the areas of New York or Jurassic Park (right in front of the Food Court).

Beginning of Parade

Signalling the start of the Parade

Woody Woodpecker in one of USS’s signature cars

Woody Woodpecker

The Parade will see a grand entrance marked by Woody Woodpecker directing the opening of the show. You would be able to interact with journalists and photographers who will be snapping a shot of you away too!

Presentation ★★★

Interaction ★★


Welcoming the Madagascar floats

The penguins of Madagascar!

The Madagascar float represent one of the most spectacular floats in the Parade. Be expected to be treated to even water elements that may be sprayed unto you by the penguins! Certainly a much more interesting experience than its actual ride, Madagscar: A Crate Adventure.

Presentation ★★★★★

Interaction ★★

Far Far Away

Shrek and the Dragon


Unfortunately, the Shrek float highly disappoints, though it has huge potential it can develop attractive and interesting floats based on its storyline. As of now, the float features the dragon and the castle, with characters such as Shrek, Puss in Boots and Pinocchio interacting with the audience. The Shrek float will be introduced by the Fairy Godmother and the Prince, and accompanied by the series of royal dancers.

Presentation ★★

Interaction ★★

Jurassic Park

The series of dinosaurs and floats look majestic against the Jurassic Park theme land backdrop. You would be blown away by the size of the dinosaurs, and how impressive and well-coordinated the floats are. In one particular scene, there will be an interaction between a dinosaur ranger and a dinosaur itself!

Presentation ★★★★★

Interaction ★★★★★

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt floats interestingly build on the storyline of Revenge of the Mummy. Just when you thought you have found the book and condemned the evil one to the the mummy suitcase, he has come back to life at this parade!

Presentation ★★★★★

Interaction ★★


In the grand finale, you would see stars like Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boop helping to end off the grand spectacular. Party streamers will also be popped out to signal the end of the parade. Certainly a nice and grand ending!

Presentation ★★

Interaction ★★

Hollywood Dreams Parade features at Universal Studios Singapore on Saturdays, Sundays and selected holidays at 6.30pm. Do check the park guide for any changes to the timing of the parade.