Legoland Malaysia – Miniland

Entrance to Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia opened to much fanfare, as the region of Southeast Asia welcome a series of theme parks and tourism ministries calling the Singapore-Malaysia region as Southeast Asia’s newest Orlando-to-be. Alas, such is not the case as Legoland Malaysia falls significantly short as compared to its significantly smaller counterpart, Universal Studios Singapore. While one would appreciate the detailed attention paid to building the many lego architectures, the attractions and rides are lacking in any form of coherence to keep a family returning to the theme park.

Nevertheless, we will examine various themes present in Legoland. This post would feature Miniland – a centerpiece in all Legoland Theme Parks. Miniland in Legoland Malaysia features 17 Asian countries, and it has proven to be the most exciting part of the theme park for guests, as they can easily relate to the many architectures uniquely presented in Lego forms.

In many of these exhibits, you would be able to find interesting and interact visual elements, such as water and music features in KLCC, to planes moving at KLIA. Attention to details can be seen especially in the Singapore and Malaysia designs.

For our Singapore guests, be expected to be wowed by the massive size and spinning Singapore Flyer, set against the CBD skyline. Unfortunately, the CBD skyline does not represent the full extent of the buildings in Raffles Place…one can only wonder why! THe Merlion is also represented in its full glory and allow guests to press a button to cause the Merlion to spout water in the direction of your friends!



Petronas Twin Towers




The Singapore Skyline - Lego Style

The Singapore Skyline – Lego Style

Raffles Place

Raffles Place kakis would know this

Riverside Point

Collyer Bridge

Singapore Flyer


Tiananmen Square


Taj Mahal





Legoland Adult Ticket – RM140

Legoland Child Ticket – RM110

How To Get There?

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For Singapore guests, you can purchase one of the exclusive deals available on discount websites such as Groupon and These deals usually provide direct bus transfer and ticket inclusive.