Time Square – At the World’s Intersection

Time Square by Day

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere – and so the song goes as one thinks of New York City. Time Square – the world’s most visited tourist attraction – is perhaps the world’s cultural intersection too! It is the heartbeat of Manhattan, as you can explore the many cultural sights and sounds that the city is home to. English is not necessarily the lingua franca there – with so many tourists in the region of Time Square, you get to hear people from Middle East, Europe, Asia, Oceania and more. It is perhaps the place to be to understand how globalisation has played out in today’s context – and how we can celebrate the best in diversity!

The world’s largest Toys R Us even has a ferris wheel in the store

World’s largest M&M Store can be seen here too!

Time Square Motif

M&M in Lady Liberty

Phantom of the Opera – a must watch when you are in the City!

The elaborate set of Phantom

The charm of Time Square lights

This is actually NYPD station!