River Safari – Amazon River Quest

Amazon River Quest is hosted in the Wild Amazonia Part of River Safari

I was given an opportunity to re-visit River Safari, and more importantly, to visit Amazon River Quest this time. Amazon River Quest promised to be a new experience as you would be able to enjoy viewing many animals up close from a boat ride. Think of it as a mix between a theme park ride, and a visit to the zoo – and that gives you the Amazon River Quest! If you are afraid that it would be too much of a thrill – you have nothing to be concerned about, as the ride only has gentle drops that occur only twice throughout the entire 15 minutes.

I thought that it was a fantastically well-thought out attraction, and promises to be the highlight of your visit to River Safari. However, you may be disappointed as they are still adding more animals to the ride – you may not necessarily be able to spot all the animals easily – especially so if the animals are resting in a hidden corner! This happened quite a bit for me – the highlights, including the jaguar, could not be easily seen on the ride. The music accompaniment was rather strange though – if it had sought to evoke a spirit of adventure, quite clearly it has failed to inspire its guests. At times during the ride, the music accompaniment would suddenly go off – and suddenly return.

At this point of writing, the Amazon River Quest is a complimentary boat ride. However, River Safari does intend to charge $10 for it in the future – so I would highly suggest that you would pay River Safari a visit before they increase the price. But even so, there are problems as well – you can only book a slot for the boat ride on the day of the visit at the Guest Services Counter. Many times (especially given the school holidays), most of these tickets would be gone by 11am (note that the assigned timeslot may be up till 5pm). You can only show up at the queue at the allocated timeslot – so you may end up having to spend an entire day at River Safari.

Decoration of Amazon River Quest

The long queue – even after being able to get a timeslot!

Nice water feature while queuing

All onboard!

All onboard!

Finally being able to board the boat ride

Collared Peccary

See how well hidden the Brazilian Tapir is!

A sleeping jaguar. Meh.

Quite an awesome sight – beautiful flamingos!

scarlet ibises