Tangerine Lunch

A really quiet and private lunch spot set against the lush greenery

A really quiet and private lunch spot set against the lush greenery

Tangerine is located in the far West zone of the Resorts World Sentosa complex. Helmed by Chef Sam Leong, it offers the interesting concept of spa and healthy food. Most of its food selection was done on the advise of ESPA’s nutritionists, so as to offer spa guests the complete experience of healthy living. I wasn’t here for the spa of course – ESPA’s prices are simply too pricey – but you can still nonetheless enjoy Tangerine’s food as a non-spa guest!

Amazingly quaint and quiet

Amazingly quaint and quiet


Its view and setting are perhaps, Tangerine’s greatest strength. Once you are seated and indulge in the sights around you, you would immerse yourself in a Bali-like environment. I would say that this restaurant is perfect for private meal settings, and a hidden jewel in Sentosa.

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The food here, however, are less-than-wow. The complimentary assortment of bread, that comes with vinegar, was simply acceptable. It wasn’t warm – and it felt like a typical bread that you receive while onboard full-service airlines.

I have read many reviews about Chef Forest’s Sous Vide Salmon Fillet with Red Capsicum Coulis and Tamarind Sauce, and many of them did rave about this particular dish. However, I was sorely disappointed by it – the salmon fillet lacked any punch in its taste. While admittedly it does look fresh, the sous vide method of cooking it (according to my waitress, Yuko, they boil it at 40 degrees Celsius) means that it may be neither warm nor cold. Perhaps the sauce was used to give the salmon some form of flavour – but alas, this was done unsatisfactorily and left my friend and I wanting. Mind you, this dish isn’t cheap – it costs S$22.

Thus, we decided to try another main dish, Claypot Braised Vermicelli Noodle with Superior Stock and Char Grilled Hokkaido Scallop (S$26), and we were glad that we did! I was skeptical about ordering vermicelli noodle – after all, some of the Chinese wedding dinners that I had attended in the past did vermicelli noodles halfheartedly, and I would not expect a restaurant to invest much effort into this dish. How wrong I was – the claypot method of cooking it ensured that the taste of the noodle and scallops were brought out. The Hokkaido scallops were fresh and crunchy, and can be said to be done with perfection. This dish had left us wanting for more – but for a very good reason, unlike the salmon fillet.

Service at this restaurant seems a bit patchy. I had asked an Indian waiter whether there is a set lunch, and he confidently replied no. However, upon looking around the menu, I soon realised that there was indeed a set lunch (though I did not end up trying it, as it costs S$45++ and did not have the salmon fillet). My Japanese waitress, Yuko, had to be called from the front desk, which therefore required us raising our voice across the entire restaurant (though perhaps that can be forgiven, as there was no one else there but us). Yuko, however, was pleasant throughout all our interactions with her.

Tangerine certainly has a lot going for it – after all, look at the amazing setting that it is in! However, perhaps Chef Sam Leong may want to improve the variety of food and service that is offered here. I would certainly re-visit the restaurant one day to see if it improves.

Tangerine is located at ESPA Level 1, near the Equarius Hotel and Beach Villa.